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Dung Beetle Elaine Brown | Dr. Mona Harrison | Tim Turner | Michael Moore | Cory Herter (Core Love) | Fred Hampton | Yirser Ra Hotep | Shahrazad Ali |
Lion/Lioness Taj Tarik Bey | Dr. Delbert Blair | Professor Griff | Dr. James David Manning | Dr. Aseer Allah El | Truthergirl Sonia | Joyce Meyer | Dr. Ray Higgins | Naazir Ra | Robert Kiyosaki | Linda West, a.k.a. the Morning Mayan | Prophet Noble Drew Ali | Iyanla Vanzant |
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Healing Self

Epic People Who Made the Golden Age Possible

Discover and learn about the epic people who work hard to make a world of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice possible.

Peace & Love
Dung Beetle

Djehuty Maat-Ra
Master Herbalist
Boldness And Use Of Mental Science
Boldness And Use Of Mental Science

Sophia Stewart
Amazing Author & Source of Divine Wisdom
Sophia Stewart Wins Matrix-Terminator Case
A Conversation with Sophia Stewart

Dr. Llaila O. Afrika
Extraordinary Scientist, Doctor, Lecturer & Author
Healing Diabetes

Helen Demetriou
Metaphysical and Complimentary Therapist
How to Send Mental Messages To Someone
Contact Helen
About Helen
Give yourself A Face Lift Using Energy

Dr. Sebi
The Healer
Contact Dr. Sebi
How Dr. Sebi Cures People
Dr. Sebi Has helped Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy Mother, Lisa Lopes & more
Dr Sebi Electric Food Wholistic Health and Nutrition
The Laws of Life

OKeba Ra Auset
Wise Teacher of Divine Radical Way
Who Will Check Black Women?
What is the REAL Goddess Agenda?
How To Attract A Heru King
Three Stages of a Woman's Development

Boyd Bushman
Phenomenal Scientist
David Sereda with Boyd Bushman Anti Gravity Disclosure 1

Dr. Jewel Pookrum M.D.
Preventative and Wholistic Physician
Heal a Woman - Heal a Nation / Dr. Jewel Pookrum

Dr. Peter Lindemann
Scientist & Teacher
Peter Andrew Lindemann

Tom Bearden
Great Scientist & Teacher
You are our Brothers and Sisters
How Science Progresses
Applied Scalar Wave Technology

Ashra Kwesi and Merira Kwesi
lecturers on African history, civilization, religion and culture
Ashra Kwesi at Temple of Auset, Revealing Truth
Ashra Kwesi Interview

Architect of the Great Pyramid of Giza
Hemiunu - Realistic details abound
Build a Solid Foundation and Select the Right Materials

Dr Leonard Coldwell
The Greatest Doctor Alive
Contact Dr Leonard Coldwell
Contribute to Dr Leonard Coldwell
Health info about Emphysema & Long Conditions
Dr. Coldwell has a over 93% Cancer Cure Rate

Colleen Thomas
Pleiadian Contactee, Great Teacher of Truth
Contact Colleen Thomas
Contribute to Colleen Thomas
Colleen Thomas on the Paul Drocton Show 1 13 2011
Introduction of The Restored American Republic
Works Day in and Day out
Colleen Thomas regarding Alien and Human Affairs
Mirrors of the Universe
Know Personal Power is True

Queen Valahra Renita El Harre-Bey
Queen and Moorish Master Teacher
What is Currency
How to Defend Your Freedom in a Court Room
Who's Who?

Shahrazad Ali
Epic Author
Shahrazad Ali on Geraldo

Yirser Ra Hotep
Yoga Master
What is Kemetic Yoga(Smai Tawi)?

Fred Hampton
Revolutionary Truth Speaker, Community Builder & Black Panther Leader
That Unforgettable Morning
Events Leading up to The Death of Fred Hampton
Fred Hampton History
Educational Program started by Fred Hampton

Cory Herter (Core Love)
Advance Sacred Geometry Teacher
CoreLove.com Huge Success
Formula 4 Truth
Developing Projects
Sacred Geometry - Full Spectrum Vibration - Helps Us Grow
Sacred Geometry - Cory Herter - Snakker om
Many People Give Thanks to Cory Herter
The Ankh

Michael Moore
Great Filmmaker
Michael Francis Moore Career History
Michael Moore - The Awful Truth

Tim Turner
President of the United States of America!
Tim Turner America Can Be Free DIY Law-Military Patrolling streets
John McGowan Presents Tim Turner
Repopulated the Republic of the United States of America

Dr. Mona Harrison
Great Sacred Water Teacher & More
Dr. Mona Harrison MD. Sacred Water
The Fantastic Benefits of Alkaline Water

Elaine Brown
Former leading member of the Black Panther Party
Lead the Black Panther Party to Greatness
Former Black Panther leader runs for mayor
Brown files suit in Brunswick
Mary Frances Early lecture at UGA
Black Panther Party leader Elaine Brown
Quotes from Elaine Brown on New Age Racism
Elaine Brown History
Elaine Brown Quotes
New Age Racism

Iyanla Vanzant
Host of Iyanla: Fix My Life

Prophet Noble Drew Ali
Who Is Prophet Noble Drew Ali?

Linda West, a.k.a. the Morning Mayan
Activist Freedom Lover
How to Raise your Vibrational Frequency!

Robert Kiyosaki
Great Author and Motivational Speaker
Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing Richdad

Naazir Ra
(Nah'zeer Rah) author, lecturer & film producer
The Access Codes to Zion
Powerful Knowledge about the Universe of Self

Dr. Ray Higgins
Amazing Speaker & Truth Teacher
Dr. Ray Hagins Speaks about Sun God Ra creating the Earth
Speaks about Supreme Goddess Auset
Incredibility of The Bible

Joyce Meyer
Amazing Speaker & Faith Builder
Early life - History
Stay Away from Wrong Thinking

Truthergirl Sonia
Highly Aware Speaker of Truth
H1N1 Vaccine Safety-Truth Action
View The Truther Girls Website
V For Victory!

Dr. Aseer Allah El
Moorish Science History Teacher
Metaphysics 101 Porcelain Doll Programming
Dr.Aseer the Duke of Tiers on BeverlyD Radio
Dr. Aseer Allah El Website
The Moors and Kemet/ Dr. Aseer Allah El

Dr. James David Manning
Courageous Teacher & Leader
Founded ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church
Dr. Manningís Interview With Birther Theresa Cao

Professor Griff
Spoken Word Artist & Rapper
Professor Griff - Window Seat & Black Goddess Image
Professor Griff Speaking Truth & Lifting our People
Atlanta Gas Suspicously Sets My House On Fire
Professor Griff telling the truth about the Black church
blog site is about creating a voice for the voiceless

Dr. Delbert Blair
Spectacular Teacher
Dr Delbert Blair 2010: Our Story, Moon, Sun

Taj Tarik Bey
Great Moorish Sovereignty Teacher & Humanitarian
Protocols of Liberty
DECLARATION and PROCLAMATION of Status & Jurisdiction To
Sovereignty Part1 (feat Taj Tariq Bey)
Taj Tarik Bey - Speaks about 360 Degrees
Sovereignty Knowledge, Moors Order of The Roundtable
Video: The US Nigger Industry

John Kohler
Truth Teacher & Raw Food Enthusiast
Get a Personal Tour of the Growing Your Greens Garden

Will Allen
Vertical Farmer, Community Leader & Humanitarian
Will Allen - The 2010 TIME 100
1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres. 10,000 fish 500 yards compost

Khalid Abdul Muhammad
Epic Speaker, Teacher & Leader
Khalid Muhammed vs Dominic Carter

Akua Auset
Holistic Beauty Advisor, Author & Social Entrepreneur
How to Do Summer Makeup
The Work of Akua Auset

Freeway Ricky Ross
Mentor and Community Developer
Xplosive!: The Real "Freeway - Rick Ross" (1/5)
Im Back America !!!

Brandi Auset
Divine Reiki Master Teacher & Spiritual Healer
Goddess of the Month
Powers of the Sunstone
Please Show Support to Brandi Auset

Leo Muhammad
Expands on the Teachings Of the Most Hounourable Elijah Muhammad
Beating The Odds- Leo Muhammad
Leo Muhammad: Interview - The Early Years
Leo Muhammad: Speaks about HI-TECH LYNCHING

the Great
Ramses II Introduction
Ramses the Great
Praise Amun, Take Charge of Life & Give it All

Tupac Amaru Shakur (2pac)
2Pac, Pac, Makaveli, Brave Speaker of Truth
Tupac Uncensored: The Lost Prison Tapes
2pac - Tupac Death Around The Corner
Tupac - Hit Em Up(Uncensored)
Tupac Exposed by King Noble Master :Enlightened Black Revolutionary or Not

Peace & Love

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Boldness And Use Of Mental Science

Boldness And Use Of Mental Science

Who Is Prophet Noble Drew Ali?

How to Raise your Vibrational Frequency!

Khalid Muhammed vs Dominic Carter

Get a Personal Tour of the Growing Your Greens Garden

Xplosive!: The Real "Freeway - Rick Ross" (1/5)

Will Allen - The 2010 TIME 100

1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres. 10,000 fish 500 yards compost

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